Sydney Metro


Sydney Metro Contractors

Follow the steps below to register your workers on Sydney Metro projects.

Step 1 > Register in Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program

To work on Sydney Metro projects, workers must hold Rail Industry Worker (RIW) cards with the correct Sydney Metro role.

Visit for information about the program and how to register.

Step 2 > Complete Workforce Development Survey

Workers on the Sydney Metro project must complete the workforce development survey.

Once workers have completed the survey, ask them to save and send you the Certificate of Completion. This will be required in Step 4.

This survey can be completed at the same time as or prior to the SMIC or SMOT process, Step 3 below.

Step 3 > SMIC or SMOT

Sydney Metro Industry Curriculum (SMIC)

Workers on a Sydney Metro project with a Sydney Metro Industry Curriculum (SMIC)-aligned role must complete courses with the relevant Registered Training Organisation (RTO). These workers will not be permitted to access site until the relevant training has been completed.

Email course bookings to the following RTOs:

Demolition, Civil Construction, Tunnelling, Heavy Haulage and Leadership roles:

Rail roles:

At the successful completion of training, upload the interim Results Sheet to the worker’s RIW profile as evidence of completion.

Please note: workers will need a Unique Student Identifier and a Pegasus (RIW) ID to book training. Allow at least seven days prior to starting work for role competencies to be validated.

Sydney Metro Orientation Training (SMOT)

RIW cardholders who hold the correct Units of Competency (UoC) or do not have to participate in SMIC must complete Sydney Metro Orientation Training (SMOT) prior to working at Sydney Metro sites. This training can be arranged directly with the site representative.

If administrating your own profile, you may need to obtain a copy of your attendance sheet to upload during your role application in Step 2.

Allow at least seven days prior to starting work for role competencies to be validated.

Statements of Attendance

A Statement of Attendance can be uploaded to a profile for a worker who has successfully completed a SMIC course via an RTO.

The Statement of Attendance is valid for three months from course completion, as the RTO will issue the Statement of Attainment within that time.

A Statement of Attendance will only be accepted as an interim measure to allow site access. For more information, view the Sydney Metro business rules.

Statements of Attainment

A Statement of Attainment for a SMIC course should be received and uploaded to the worker’s profile within three months of course completion.

Step 4 > Select TfNSW – Sydney Metro role

To complete registration, follow these steps in the Rail Industry Worker portal:

Step 1 > Login to the RIW portal.

Step 2 > Select Manage Roles to select cardholder.

Step 3 > Click Add Roles and search for Sydney Metro to view available work roles.

Step 4 > Select the relevant role/s and upload the required documents, including statements of attainment from Step 3, for verification.